Monday-Friday                                                   Two -Hour Minimum Charge

Saturday-Sunday                                               Three-Hour Minimum Charge

Recognized Federal Holidays                            Three-Hour Minimum Charge

Two Men and a Truck                                          $130.00

Three Men and a Truck                                       $150.00

Four Men and a Truck                                         $190.00

Each Additional Man                                           $63.00 per man, per hour

Additional Truck Charge                                      $240.00 plus miles

Sunday/Federal Holidays                                    $80.00 extra fee

Bulky Article Charges (per item)

 Flood Model Television (48” or above)---$135

  • Pool Table---$265

  • Gun Cabinet (holds 10 or fewer guns)---$105

  • Steel Gun Cabinet (in excess of 400 lbs.)---$250

  • Riding Lawnmowers---$135

  • Freezers---$105

  • Flat Screen Televisions (41” or above)---$85

  • Golf Carts---$165

Stair Carry---$35.00 per flight

             Elevator Carry---no charge except item specified as a bulk item

Distance Carry (in excess of 40 yards) ---$35 

Mileage Fee—0-10 miles --$1.75 per mile

                                    10-20 miles--$2.25 per mile

                                     20-30 miles—$2.75 per mile

                                     30 miles and over--$3.00 per mile

**Cancelling or rescheduling less than 24 hours before your scheduled job time will result in only 50% of your deposit being refunded


Packing Services

  • Packing is recommended to make your move as smooth as possible

  • Packing services are priced the same as moving services.

  • Packing material can be provided - price varies depending on what is requested